Our Philosophy

Our gardens adapt the rich heritage of hospitality and relaxed elegance of true Southern living to modern life. Faithful attention to architectural and environmental influences combine with the unique needs of our clients to create gardens with character and a strong sense of place.

Our ideal of the “New American Garden” is not really new; it simply combines everything we hold dear. Architectural integrity and heirloom detailing dovetail with a growing ecological awareness that what we do on our individual plots of earth influences the health of the whole. Gardens can provide a valuable portal into the changing seasons and wonders of the natural world. Connection to nature isn’t limited to “out there” – in parks, preserves, and dwindling wildernesses. The more diverse and considered the plant palette, the more ecologically functional the system – even if that system is only the size of a backyard. The emergence of a butterfly from her chrysalis can be observed just off the terrace. If the food source is plentiful enough, nesting songbirds will make their homes nearby each spring. We envision a future in which structured elegance and the wilder forces of flora and fauna coexist in our gardens.

Ultimately, we believe that gardens hold deep potential to enrich human life and make space for the meaningful, in-person experiences that we all desire. In a time of increasing disconnection and virtual experiences, a garden can act as tangible anchor. Simple, immediate pleasures are the currency there. A bottle of wine shared, a game of ball on the lawn, or a quiet moment spent watching fireflies at dusk all root us in the present moment. When we talk with clients, it is often those ordinary moments that they wish to capture as they imagine their gardens. It is our greatest joy to dream with each client and then bring that dream to life together.