Our Services

Garden creation is a collaborative endeavor between you and our entire team.


We begin the design phase by listening to your dreams for the garden. Conversations continue onsite to discover the unique constraints and assets of your property. There will be one lead designer assigned to your project, and our estimators, horticulturists, and finishing designers will be involved throughout the process as well. This approach promotes continuity while including the essential contributions of our specialists. The design will often go through several revisions, punctuated by discussions about value engineering and timeline to make sure your budget and schedule are honored.

Once the design is complete, a project manager takes over as lead for the construction process. He regularly communicates with you to set expectations regarding type and timing of work based on a project schedule. At the end of construction, we provide service manuals and a detail crew white-gloves the garden, checking every system and removing all traces of construction activity. We use the highest quality materials, work with the most experienced craftsmen, and employ the best horticultural practices, because building with integrity translates into gardens that last.



Added at the end but conceived from the beginning, your finishings include furniture and integral garden accessories such as planters, lanterns, and gates. Just as interior design compliments architecture, these special garden elements should also correlate to the style and architectural references of the house. Elegant furniture creates a feeling of welcome and an invitation to spend time in your outdoor spaces, and an unobtrusive sound system enhances the experience.

Elegant outdoor lighting extends the safety and enjoyment of your outdoor spaces beyond the daytime and into the night. Whether you are outside in the garden or inside simply looking out, subtle lighting evokes feelings of sanctuary and wonder. As graduates and members of the International Landscape Lighting Institute, our lighting team creates artistic, sympathetic illumination for your architecture and grounds.


Legacy Care

A garden is not static, and the end of construction is only the beginning of our relationship with you. Our legacy garden team provides support for existing clients, whether troubleshooting an issue, updating a system, or developing a new garden area. With stewardship and proper care, every garden has the potential to flourish and improve over time.